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Do phthalates in sex toys pose a health risk?

There is simply not enough data to answer this question directly. Consider the information regarding phthalates in general. A variety of individuals and research institutions have weighed in and expressed concern ranging from mild to serious. There is a growing body of research that suggests phthalates have a toxic effect,...

Do phthaltes make sex toys toxic?

There have been a number of news items recently about “toxic sex toys”, specifically related to the use of phthalates in sex toys. Unfortunately headlines about killer sex toys often fail to give us the information we actually need to make decisions about whether or not we should use sex...

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Why are phthalates used to manufacture sex toys?

Phthalates soften the rubbers and make sex toys have a soft cushy feel to them. They are used in a wide range of sex toys, but there are many other toys that are phthalate free.

What are phthalates?

Phthalates are a family of chemicals used to soften hard plastics (usually PVC) to make them more flexible. Derived from Phthalic acid, and often called a plasticizer for its plastic softening properties, phthalates have been produced since the 1920’s and have been used in everything from perfumes to pesticides to...

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