Dear TT Rep,

Wow!  November already!  This year has flown by and so much has been happening with so much more in store for everyone!

Just a few things this month to keep you up to date as to what is going on.

#1 – As you may have noticed we are finally taking TT into the direction that we have been wanting to go.  This road has been bumpy to say the least.  There is a new rep back office, which has new and better feature, along with more features that will be rolling out in the weeks ahead.  We will keep you up to date as each of these new features become available.

#2 – You may have also noticed that there are new products being added almost daily.  Some of the old favorites have returned along with some great new items as well.  Keep checking the New Arrivals page as you will see what all has been added.

#3 – The rep mailing list is important and is a must.  This is to keep you informed of such updates (like this) plus it also will give you a copy as to what your customers are receiving so that it keeps you in the loop.  We are going to be strictly enforcing that if you unsubscribe from the list then you are letting us know that you no longer wish to be a rep and your TT account will be deleted.  If you choose to rejoin you will have to rejoin for the current cost at the time you rejoin.  However, if you are getting duplicate emails (one from the newsletter and one from the rep list) please let us know so that we can correct this for you as you are only supposed to be getting one.

#4 – If you are not on the Facebook group please join us at  .  This is a low volume group however, at the moment discontinued item lists are being shared on there.  We do plan on having these lists available in the back office soon.

#5 – If there is something that you would like to see at TT please feel free to drop us a line and you never know, just might happen.

There is so much more that is planned and being worked on at the moment I honestly wouldn’t know where to begin.  But as in all things, just need to take baby steps.

Have a great day,


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