Rocks Off Unihorn Stardust – 10 Setting


Unihorn is a versatile vibrator with a contoured design for added intensity, in a vibrant colour scheme for a fantastical, orgasmic experience. The tapered shape allows you to direct the vibrations exactly where you want them internally or externally, for targeted stimulation. The sleek and smooth metallic finish feels great against the skin, whilst the spiral ridge pattern enhances the sensations of massage or penetration. There are 10 vibration settings to choose from, allowing you to vary the strength as required. The simple controls make this easy to do even in the heat of the moment.
Unihorn's texture and handheld size make it ideal as a sensual massager, which can be used to roam all over the body. Enjoy with a partner for a colourful, fantasy foreplay experience, or use during sex to send vibrations travelling through both parties. Unihorn is completely waterproof for fun in the bath or shower, and is therefore incredibly easy to clean. Although the colour scheme is bright and attractive, ready for fun and excitement, the toy itself is a discreet size. This makes it perfect for travel, or keeping close at hand to use in the heat of the moment. It comes with batteries included.

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Brand:: Rocks-Off