Dr. Seuss was a flop?

The Seven Lady Godivas

Well if you have elementary aged children, then you know that the week of March 2nd – March 6th is Dr. Seuss’ week at most schools. But did you know that in 1939 his first book was an adult book of nudes based on Lady Godiva who rode the streets on horseback through Conventry naked in protest to her husband’s unfair tax hikes?

Dr. Seuss however altered the tale and added six more to have seven sisters who were just that way. Really no point at all. But in a later forward he stated that their nudity was a source of pride.

The book was his first book with Random House when he signed with them before doing another other books. There was 10,000 printed but sadly only 2,500 where ever sold. He later accepted that his book was no good and stated “I only attempted to draw the sexiest babes I could but they did come out absurd.”

He then moved on and started writing more of the delightful children’s books that most of us have grown up with and love to this day. Continuing for generations on helping children read while having a little fun with it too.

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