The Leopard Duotone Balls

Price: $14.00

Indulge your erotic animalistic side with the exotic Leopard Duotone Balls. The comfortably weighted, sensuous pleasure balls are designed for easy vaginal insertion and can be worn throughout the day. The discreet love balls stimulate and tone up the pelvic floor muscles while delivering intensely pleasurable ripples of orgasmic delight. The smoothly contoured balls are attached to a strong nylon cord for easy and safe vaginal insertion and retrieval. Designed for discreet internal use, the weighted balls deliver a thrilling erotic tingle with every jiggle. Each time you move your body, the balls stimulate the Kegel muscles for maximum toning and training. Wear the balls for toning up, and to enjoy spontaneous seductive sensations. The versatile exercise balls are perfect for first-time and experienced users. For extended arousal slip the pleasure balls inside the vagina during intimate solo play explorations, or as part of your couple’s foreplay fun. Color Animal Materials ABS Plastic Measurements 1.25″ / 3cm (Balls Diameter)

SKU: EL-SE1312-00

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